Contoh Drama


Once upon a time, there was an old widow. She had a son. His name was Malin Kundang. They lived together but they were very poor. They just collected fire woods and sold them. One day, Malin was tired and he thought he could be rich if he went to the big town. So, he asked permission to her mother.

Malin : “ Bundo, I am bored to be like this. We’re so poor. I want to be rich."
Bundo : “ Be patient, my son. Just say thank to God, we can eat everyday."
Malin : “ But Bundo, I want to be rich. I want to have a big house and big ship. I also want to give jewelry to you. So, I want to go to the big town. I’ll find a job."
Bundo : “ No, don’t go to the big town, don’t leave me! I love you, Malin.”
Malin : “ I love you too, Bundo. But I really want to go. Please Bundo, give me your permission."
Bundo : “ I won’t give you a permission. No, Malin.”
Malin : “ Why Bundo?”
Bundo : “ I only have you. If you leave me, I’m afraid. I’ll be lonely. Please, don’t leave me, Malin.”
Malin : “ You’re wrong. I’ll in your hearth forever. I always remember you. You’re my Bundo. I want to go because I want to make you be happy, Bundo.”
Bundo : “ Really, Malin? You won’t forget me, right?”
 Malin : “ Yes Bundo. I’ll remember you in my life. I promise to you and to God.”
Bundo : “ Promise Malin! Don’t forget me!”
Malin : “ Yes Bundo. Now, can you give me your permission?”
Bundo : “ yes, I can.”
Malin : “ Thank you so much, Bundo.”

Malin had Bundo’s permission. He prepared all things which he needed in the travel. He was ready to go to the big town.

Bundo : “ Malin..”
Malin : “ Yes, Bundo?”
Bundo : “ Please go back home if you find a job.”
Malin : “ No, Bundo. I’ll be back if I become rich man.”
Bundo : “ But malin, I want to you come back after you get a job.”
Malin : “ No, Bundo. Please, I want to be rich man before going home.”
Bundo : “ If you want like that. I can’t forbid you.”
Malin : Thanks, Bundo.”
Bundo : “ Yes my son. Please take care of your self. And don’t forget to send me letters. I always want to know your condition.”
Malin : “ All right, Bundo.”
Bundo : “ I pray to God for your success. Malin, I’ll wait for you. I’ll miss you.”
Malin : “ I’ll miss you too, Bundo. Good bye.”
Bundo : “ Good bye, Malin.”

Malin went to the big town by ship. He arrived in the big town and found a job. His master was very kind because he always gave Malin tips every Malin completed his job. Malin could also stay at the master’s house. The master had a daughter. Her name was Diana. She was very beautiful. Malin loved her but he discouraged to say “love” to her.

One day, at the master’s house.

Diana : “ Malin was very handsome and cool but does he have a girl friend?” (monologue)
Malin : “ I’m so tired today. Huh, I always work and work. I never go to outside. I don’t have any friends and I don’t have a girl friend. Sometimes maybe I must walk around.“ (monologue)

Diana heard malin’s words. She was very happy.

Diana : “ Oh my God. He doesn’t have a girl friend. Maybe I can be his girl friend. Wow, I hope I can. I’ll come to him.” (monologue)

Diana met Malin.

Diana : “ Hi Malin!”
Malin : “ Oh, Hi Miss. Diana.”
Diana : “ Don’t call me like that! Just Diana! Okay.”
Malin : “ Up to you Diana. Thank you.”
Diana : “ Malin, I heard you. You said that you don’t have a girl friend. Is that true?”
Malin : “ Hah, I’m sorry. You heard that. Mmm, of course, I don’t have a girl friend.”
Diana : “ No problem Malin. I want to be your girl friend.”
Malin : “ What do you mean, Diana?”
Diana : “ I love you, Malin. You are handsome boy and you work hard. I like your style, your attitude, your voice and everything about you.”
Malin : “ Is it true?”
Diana : “ Of course. I want to be your wife.”
Malin : “ I like to hear that. I love you too.”
Diana : “ Thank you, Malin. I’m so happy.”
Malin : “ But Diana, how about your father?”
Diana : “ Don’t worry. He can accept you. I have already told him about this.”
Malin : “ Thank you, Diana.”

Malin got married to Diana. He was very happy. He became rich man. He had a big and great house. He was business man. He sold and bought many things. He went and sold his product to his island and other island. He had some ships and crew of the ships. One day, Diana wanted to have travels. Diana wanted to go to other island. Malin agreed to her.

Diana : “ Good Morning, Honey!”
Malin : “ Good morning, my sweety!”
Diana : “ How are you today ?”
Malin : “ I’m great but I am hungry.”
Diana : “ I have already cooked for you.”
Malin : “ Thank you, you’re my best.”
Diana : “ Malin, when will we go to other island? I want to be with you. I want to see you sold our product.”
Malin : “ Tomorrow, we will go. We will go to other island for trading. We will have honeymoon in the most beautiful island. And I will take you into my hometown.”
Diana : “ Thank you, Malin. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Let’s go to kitchen.”
Malin : “ Okay, honey.”

After Malin and Diana had breakfast, they were ready to go.
At the house.

Malin : “ Are you ready Diana?”
Diana : “ Always.”
Malin : “ We go now!”
Diana : “ Okay.”

Malin and Diana went to the beach and got into the ship.
At the ship.

Crew : “Welcome sir, welcome ma’am.”
Malin and Diana : “ Thank you.”
Crew : “ Please ma’am, enjoy the travel. And sir, where do we go first? What do we have trading first?
Malin : “ No, we go to my hometown first. But we also can trade there.”
Crew : “ Yes, Sir. Mmm, sir, ma’am, do you want some foods or drinks?”
Malin : “ No, thanks. How about you, Diana?”
Diana : “ Yeah? Mm, I want a orange juice and some fruits.”
Crew : “ All right, wait a few minutes.”
Diana : “ Okay.”

After a few minutes.

Crew : “ Excuse me. Ma’am, here you are, your juice and fruits.”
Diana : “ Thank you.”
Crew : “ You’re welcome.”

After some days, They arrived to Malin’s hometown.

Malin : “ Diana! Look, that’s island!”
Diana : “ What? That’s a dirty island. Yuck, I don’t want to go there.”
Malin : “ But, Diana. I was born there. I want all of us to go there. Don’t worry, my mother was dead.”
Diana : “ Okay. But I don’t want to stay there too long.”
Malin : “ No problem. Mmm, The crew! Come here.”
Crew : “ Yes, sir.”
Malin : “ Go there! Manage the way, I don’t want the dirty people touch my wife skin.”
Crew : “ Yes, Sir!”
Malin : “ Don’t be angry, Honey!”
Diana : “ Okay, whatever! I’m with you”
Crew : “ Attention please!! Go out from the way. My Master, Malin Kundang and her wife will go around here. They are the richest people in my island.”
Bundo : “ What? He say Malin. I must talk him. Excuse me Sir, Are your Master is Malin Kundang?”
Crew : “ Yes, my Master is Malin Kundang. Who are you, old woman?”
Bundo : “ Oh Malin, You’re great. Now, you become rich man. I’m so proud. Oh, God thank you, Malin, Now, You’re here. I must meet you.”
Crew : “ What are you talking about? Who are you?”
Bundo : “ I’m Malin’s Mother. I want to meet him.”
Crew : “ It’s impossible. You were very poor and dirty. My Master is very rich. And my Master’s mother was dead. You lie!”
Bundo : “ No, I don’t lie. I’m his real mother. I don’t care. If I lie, I will die. Ohh, sir. I want to meet my son. Please, let me see him. Please, I have been waiting for him for long time. Now, he’s here. I must meet him. Please Sir, help me.”
Crew : “ Are you my Master’s mother? Okay, you’re so serious. I trust you.”
Bundo : “ Thank you, sir!”
Crew : “ Come on.”
Bundo : “ Yes, Sir”
Crew : “ Excuse me my Master. There is an old people want to meet you.”
Malin : “ Who is She.”
Bundo : “ Bundo, Malin.”
Malin : “ YOU!!!!”
Diana : “ Who is that Honey? Is She your Mother? But, she’s very poor and dirty. I don’t like her.”
Malin : “ Of course not!! I don’t know her. She’s only a poor woman. Heyy! Poor woman, leave us! Don’t make our place to be dirty.”
Bundo : “ Malin…… What are you saying? I’m your bundo, Malin. Why do you forget me? Why you want to me to leave you? You break your vow”
Malin : “ You’re not my mother. My mother was very rich and she was dead. Go now. Leave us!”
Bundo : “ Malin. You’re my son. Why do you became like this? You’re rebellious.”
Diana : “Honey, You mustn’t be angry to her. If she is your real mother, I don’t care. I just want you to be safe.”
Malin : “ No, She isn’t my mother. My mother was dead.”
Bundo : “ Why Malin? You?? Ahh, I’m so sad.”
Malin : “ GO AWAY!! I don’t want to see your face, poor!!”
Bundo : “ Malin, if you don’t want to meet me, I will leave you. Malin, I’m your mother, and you’re my son. I love you and I miss you so much. If I lie, I will die, but if I’m right, you will become a stone. Remember that!”
Malin : “ I don’t care because you’re just poor woman, you’re not my mother!”
Bundo : “ Good bye, Malin! I love you!”
Diana : “Honey, you don’t lie, right? If she’s your real mother, you will not be safe. Honey, she is not your mother, right?”
Malin : “ No, I don’t lie. My mother was dead. Don’t worry, I’m OK.”
Diana : “ I hope you’re safe, Honey.”
Malin : “ OK, let’s go back to the ship. We continue our travel.”
Diana : “ Up to you, Honey.”

Malin, Diana, and the crew went back to the ship. They went to the sea.
At the sea, there were big storm came.

Crew : “ My Master, Look! There were black clouds. There is big storm.”
Diana : “ what? Malin, how this?”
Malin : “ Don’t worry, Honey. At the sea, the storm usually happens. We can handle this.”
Diana : “ Okay.”

Suddenly the storm became bigger and bigger. The ship sank. All people became panic.

Crew : “ My Master!!!! The ship can sink. The storm is too big.”
Diana : “ Malin, She’s your real mother. You’re rebellious. You’ll be stone and I will die. The ship starts to sink, good bye, Malin. I love you!”
Malin : “ No…. Diana…. Oh My God, what am I doing? I’m sorry, Bundo. Please, give me apologize. I am regretful. I’m sorry.”

The Ship sank and all the crew was dead. Malin became a stone. The curse from the Bundo was proved.