Contoh Recount Text


          Last week, I went to Bandung. It’s located in West Java. It’s about 2000 Kilo metres from Jepara. I went there with my friends. We went by bus. There were 5 bus. It’s name was Asyaco Transport. I was in 3rd Bus. It’s a good and comfortable bus.

          At 03.00 pm Friday, I went to My school for Going by bus. Others people and I went to Bandung at 4.00 pm. Before we arrived there, We had dinner at Sasabil restaurant in Kendal. We had dinner with fried chickens, tofus, and a glass of ice tea. And we continued our travel.

          At 4.00 am Saturday, We arrived Bandung and We had Breakfast at Suka Hati restaurant. We also Prayed Shubuh and toke a bath. At 7.00 pm, we continued our travel. The first place where we visited was “IPTEK” museum. There, I saw some technologies. Such as: a bike ran on a rope, mirror of one thousand shadows, solarium, Van de Graaff generator, square wheels, ball floated in the air, water tornado, etc.

         The second place was Patengan lake. After arriving there, we had lunch with a meat and noodles. After that, we went to “Batu cinta” by boat. There, we toke many pictures because the scenery was very beatiful. We also bought some strawberries because the prices were very cheap. Then we went to “Ranca Walini”hot water bath. There, my friends toke a bath with hot water but I can’t because I didn’t bring swimming suit. Because that, I played a game, it’s flying fox, I must pay RP.40.000 for playing it.

          The next place was Cibaduyut. Before went there, we stopped at stock center. There were some clothes to be purchased, but I didn’t buy because the prices were very expensive and I didn’t like the clothes. After We arrived in Cibaduyut. We bougth some shoes, bags, clothes, jackets, typical foods, and others. The prices were very cheap. Then, We went to Suka Hati restaurant for having dinner. After that we went home.

          It was the best experience and I liked it so much. I was very tired but I was very happy and I wanted to went there again.