spoiler naruto 504 english

Kushina: I don't want to burden Naruto/my son. I want Minato to live and watch Naruto grow, while I alone die. There is no need for you to sacrifice yourself for me.

Minato: Forsaking the village, forsaking my country, forsaking my son - they are all the same to me. You should understand, because your own country was destroyed. Besides, our family are "shinobi"!! You, as his mother, cannot win. This is not for your sake, but for Naruto's sake!!

There is already the shinigami (death god) behind Minato.

Minato: I'm alright with dying if it is for my son. That is also one of the roles a father can perform.

Sandaime and the Kyuubi are staring/glaring at each other. Sandaime puts up a barrier so that the Kyuubi cannot escape.

The shinigami's hand extends forth from Minato's stomach. The Kyuubi senses the danger.

Minato perfoms the seal. The Kyuubi is in pain.

Minato comes close to breathing his last.

Sandaime senses that it is not enough to seal everything.

Minato begins preparations for the Hakke Fuuin (eight trigrams seal).
Kyuubi: Getting sealed by such a kid... I won't take this lying down!

Kushina comes close to breathing her last.

Kyuubi tries to attack Naruto with all he has.

Kyuubi's arm pierces Minato. Kushina enters the fray, so that the Kyuubi will not be able to reach Minato.

Minato: I said this was something his father could do
Kushina: Then all the more I, as his mother, should do this. This is the first time I've lost any of our (lovers') quarrels, isn't it?

Minato: Thank you, Kushina

Minato summons Gamatora and passes him the key to be kept with Jiraiya (TN: the one that Jiraiya uses to unlock the seal to help Naruto with training on Myoubokuzan)

Sandaime: I finally understand the situation at hand.

Gamatora disappears.

The shinigami is holding the sword...
the conclusion of the fight. it wil make you cry
something bout minato and kushina and maybe the rokudo sage
the end of the flashback
thats what i can make out my japanese isnt that good but ive been waiting.
no mention of sasuke
Kushina is against Minato.(probably for using Shiki Fuujin)
"I am his father, that's why"(probably referring to helping Naruto with his actions)
The recollection is over in this chapter.
----title: minatos shiikifuujin against the nine tails
kushina does not want naruto burdened
Kushina: i just want u to see naruto grow minato
you will never be sacrificed for something like l ~~
To abandon it to give up his country to abandon the village along with Su Minato was a child
You see we're family And if you fall so does the ninja country!
This is for you mother I'm going to win this for you Naruto! !
the shinigami is behind minato
minato cares if her and son die... he must assume father role
yondaime and kyuubi starring
third says something bout a barrier
hand extends from minato and kyuubi feels the danger
minato seals and jyuubi is in pain
minatos breath becomes shallow
did not feel clean and perform all 3 seals
minatos preparation of the seal Bagua
What sealed the Kyuubi so kids can not understand how ~ ~ ~
kushina breath is gone (dead?)
Nine-tailed Naruto aim to force rice
Through the hands of Kyuubi Minato
As the reach of a diving Kushina Kyuubi Naruto there. . .
This I can not even father
Especially if you mother I lost my first fight in a while
thanks mom, dad
mothball? hands over the key to the tiger seal to jiriya
death takes a sword

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